Marbletop™ creates stunning effects including replicating the beauty of natural marble, granite, stone, metal surfaces etc. Every project is hand crafted, unique, gorgeous and affordable!

Adseal Counter Top System

Adseal’s Marbletop™ is a unique system which produces absolutely stunning effects. Colours and textures are virtually unlimited; installation is simple. speedy [often in just one day] and extremely cost effective for Installers.

Refurbished or new – It’s your choice

This hard wearing, colour fast, seamless finish is suitable for most installations, and can go directly over that ugly Formica, Laminate, Wood, Concrete, etc., – or as part of a new project transforming it into a luxurious, vibrant and beautiful surface to be proud of.

Whatever way, you will have a unique, exquisite finished project at a very affordable price and offering an excellent profit margin.